Become a Private Client

Many of us are walking around holding tension and pain; Physical, mental and emotional.


Yoga offers us the tools for alignment of body, mind and spirit.

Why to work with Tara:

Through the practice of yoga we develop a deeper connection and understanding of our body. This allows us to discern what our body truly needs and hear our inner guidance.   


Yoga can reduce physical tension and pain as well as the potential risk of injury in your day to day life. 


My intention in my asana classes is to share the wisdom of yoga, including the rich philosophy and the deep inner healing that I also experienced. 


What you will gain:

When we feel better physically and our minds are clear, all aspects of life can improve.


A sense of peace and ease, and connection to your higher wisdom. You will create more intentional thoughts, speech and actions.


Enhanced mobility and range of motion in your physical body.


You will have a better understanding of how to move your body through space intelligently–integrated and keen proprioception.


How will we work together:

My private clients receive a completely customizable experience.


In our first session we will discuss your history, goals and expectations for working together. We will then move into our practice which will consist of a personalized flow of asana and meditation.


Sessions can be held at client’s home, in an outdoor space of your choosing or in one of my home studios. 


Packages start at $150

If your curious about my qualifications and my experience you can lean more here: